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We are Handcrafting New Boards Daily!

Stock boards available at the Costa Mesa Showroom.

All Boards are made Custom and are Shipped 6 weeks after purchase, depending on custom details.

All Surfboards Include: 100% Hand Crafted | Resin Color of your Choice | Sand Finish | Single Fin Box

Up to 6'6” | $1,100

6'7” - 7'0" | $1,150

7'1” - 7'6" | $1,200

7'7” - 8'0" | $1,300

8'1” - 8'6" | $1,400

8'7” - 9'0" | $1,500

9'1” - 9'6" | $1,600

9'7” - 10'0" | $1,650

10'1” - 10'6" | $1,700

10'7” - 11'0" | $1,800

11'1” - 11'6" | $1,900

11'7” - 12'0" | $2,050


Dream Machine

The Dream Machine is our tweak on the Velzy Pig design.  Having the wide tail and narrow nose creates a true high performance classic design.  The 20" tail & 18" nose creates unmatched pivot & direction change.  Ideal for "In the Pocket Surfing."  The narrow nose lessens swing weight and ...

Dream Pin

The Dream Pin is identical to the Dream Machine except with a rounded pin tail.  This alleviates tail pressure and pivot point allowing a looser feeling. Dimensions: Length: 9’-0” Nose: 18” Width: 24 ¼” Tail: 20” Thickness: 2 ¾

Dream Machine II

The Dream Machine II has the same outline as the Dream Machine except it is narrower in the tail by 1 inch.  The nose is less blunt, allowing better entry in the critical sections.  The 19" tail allows the pig design to function with less drag & hangup as the original. Featured Board: 9'-0" ...


The CatWalk is our narrow pig.  Quicker rail to rail & more nimble in steeper waves.  Designed for the surfer who doesn't want or need the width of the Dream Series.  The name says it all, designed to walk all over it. Dimensions: Length: 9’ to 9'-6" Nose: 16” Width: 22 ¼” Tail: 18” ...

Dream Machine Skinny

The Dream Machine Skinny is a skinny Dream Machine!  Simply 1" inch narrow throughout.  Quicker rail to rail turns, faster response.  Featured Board: 9'-0" Green Triple Stringer Dream Machine Skinny w/ Volan Tail  Dimensions: Length: 9’-0” Nose: 17” Width: 23” Tail: 19” Thickness: 2 ¾...

Boar Pig

The Boar Pig outline was inspired by the Velzy Pig of the 1950's.  Classic curves allow this thing to move in any direction.  The big 19 ½” tail allow this board to turn on a dime.  A more pointed nose allows better flow through critical sections.  "Our Classic Pig Design."  Dimensions: Lengt...

Balance Dream

The Balance Dream is a symmetric longboard with equal nose & tail dimensions.  The result is great trimming ability with smooth glide.  The balanced tail creates stability rail to rail with minimal disruption.  A clean smooth ride.  All down the line! Dimensions: Length: 9’-0” Nose: 18” Widt...

Point Grinder

The Point Grinder is a double ended balanced surfboard designed to be ridden in fast, down the line point breaks!  Narrower throughout, this board is quick and responsive.  Great for making sections.  All down the line. Dimensions:  Length: 9’-6” Nose: 17 ½” Width: 22 ½” Tail: 16 ½” Thickness: 2...

King David

The King David is our traditional nose rider. Designed for the person who enjoys long perches on OK waves.  This board has a traditional outline with a drawn in tail. A very fast, smooth cruiser that loves to run.  Ideal for those classic point breaks and people who appreciate a more stable front...


The Samantha is taken from one of the most famous outlines of 1967. Great hips, perfect flow.  The board glides well & is extremely responsive.  Less volume & narrower then the "Balance."  50/50 rails & subtle nose concave, ideal for the smaller framed surfer or female. Dimensions: ...

Walk In The Park

The Walk in the Park is a wide version of the "Classic."  Shaped thicker than most, this board is designed for the surfer who is "big boned" as well as the entry level surfer who wants to catch 'em all! Dimensions: Length: 9’-0” to 10’ Nose: 20 ½” Width: 24 ¼” Tail: 18 ½” Thickness: 3”  


 The “Palindrome” is designed to be surfed in either direction.  Can be ridden as a pig or a classic nose rider depending upon waves & conditions.  Ideal for the functional surfer who enjoys options.  2 Boards in 1! Dimensions: Length: 9’-0” to 11' Nose: 16 ½” Width: 23 ¼ Tail: 19 ½ T...