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We are Handcrafting New Boards Daily!

Stock boards available at the Costa Mesa Showroom.

All Boards are made Custom and are Shipped 6 weeks after purchase, depending on custom details.

All Surfboards Include: 100% Hand Crafted | Resin Color of your Choice | Sand Finish | Single Fin Box

Up to 6'6” | $1,100

6'7” - 7'0" | $1,150

7'1” - 7'6" | $1,200

7'7” - 8'0" | $1,300

8'1” - 8'6" | $1,400

8'7” - 9'0" | $1,500

9'1” - 9'6" | $1,600

9'7” - 10'0" | $1,650

10'1” - 10'6" | $1,700

10'7” - 11'0" | $1,800

11'1” - 11'6" | $1,900

11'7” - 12'0" | $2,050


Echo Glider

The Echo Glider is our "Star Player" designed from the Joe Quigg / Matt Kivlen "Chip" of the early days.  This single fin goes very fast & glides with ease due to its low rocker entry, single concave tip to tail & secret offset, allowing "Breakthroughs."  Enough Said! Dimensions: Leng...


The HyperGlide is a blunted down version of our " So Hot" Echo Glider!  Surfed Shorter & Thicker/ Designed for Beach Breaks/ Punchy Peaks & Head High Surf.  Corky, Fun & Playful.  Enjoy! Dimensions: Length: 5’ to 7'-6” Nose: 17” Width: 20” Tail: 16" Thickness: 2 5/8”    

Double Bubble

The Double Bubble was designed as a Double Ender.  This board Rocks!  Very round full outline allows complete and total freedom.  Extremely maneuverable, nothing but fun!!! Dimensions: Length: 6’-0” Nose: 17” Width: 22 ½” Tail: 17” Thickness: 2 ¾”  


The MessEgg was designed from the Laser Zap of the 80's.  Influenced directly by Cheyne Horan's dedication to making this design work.  Wide point back changes everything.  The single fin and extremely wide tail create an incredible, one of a kind line that can be drawn in the pocket.  By far, d...

Grom Glider

 The Grom Glider is the Grom version of our Echo Glider!  Designed to Haul Ass.  Real deal surfing!  Not a cruiser.  All business with single concave throughout.  Tail has our secret foil that works unreal & elevates loading up & sliding out.  Insane tube riding, front foot heavy skate ty...

Used Surfboards

Used surfboards available.   Call Todd directly for availability

Full Simmons

Based on the original twin keel design of Bob Simmons.  Similar bottom foil to the original.  Entry has a flatter section through center, allowing more freedom & release of water.  An incredible ride!!! Nice alternative to the standard single fin glider, while still having all that History!

Spruce Deuce

Full Size Twin Fin Design.  This Board is Dynamic!!!  Similar outline to Our Dream Machine, adding the thumbtail creates flow through turns & direction changes.  This board is a twin fin noserider.  A traditional high performance surfboard that can do all the things a single fin can do, Just ...


Our Tribute to Skip Frye & All he has done for Surfing, especially Twin Gliders.  This design is all Business!!! Single to double Concave.  Tucked edge out the back.  Think Mark Richards Twin Fin, only way longer.  Can be surfed in almost all conditions & will handle some swell & powe...

Crescent Isle

Similar to our Dream Machine outline with more pulled in entry and a crescent tail, adds more bite & hold than the standard tail block.


Wide point back, but pulled up the tail further than our Dream Series.  This allows for maneuverability & pivot further up the board.  A more balanced outline with a nice full tail block for stability & ease of pivot & direction changes.


Built in tribute to the Great PhilEdwards! This one is more Utility & Less Specialty! Designed to handle it all! From 1’ Cruisers, to Head High Grinders! Less Hangup in the Front End, Able to Get through The Toughest Point Breaks!The KingEdwards Model~  Dimensions: Length: 9’-7” Nose: 17” Wi...